Summary of Learning

I really enjoyed sitting down and reflecting on all we learned this semester. It was a busy one for me as we added a new addition to our family but it was all worth it. So much to take with me when I enter back into the classroom next fall. I hope you enjoy my summary of learning video… it turned out longer than I planned so if you make it to the end… Thank you! Best of luck to all my classmates that are ending their masters journeys here! Congratulations and best of luck!

4 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. M's Abstractions

    I totally agree that it is the amazing classmates that make these type of classes. I am in awe at how much I have learned from everyone. Flip grid would be cool for you to share with families after an LLI group. When they are done a book, they could quickly record their answers to comprehension questions and link to Seesaw. I am not sure Flipgrid does that with Seesaw, but if it doesn’t I am sure you could use the video component in Seesaw to achieve a similar idea. I also appreciated the Nearpod reminder. We are moving online teaching next week so I should try playing around with that! Also, your student interviews were amazing! Congratulations again on your new addition. She is so precious she doesn’t even look real. I hope you have an amazing break!


  2. Thank you for such a great Summary of Learning! I liked your creativity with the stock footage in WeVideo. I still can’t believe you found time to complete a course this semester. Way to go! Good luck with your future endeavours!


  3. Awesome summary Joce! I love that you recruited Brad to help you out and it was so great to hear from some of your students and why they love some of these tools as well. Your video turned out awesome using weVideo and I really enjoyed hearing what you took away from the course. I have to say Nearpod was one of my favourite takeaways as well. I was great working with you this semester and I’m glad I could take my last class with you buddy! 🙂
    Good luck in all your future courses! (you can’t get rid of me, so this isn’t good bye really lol)


  4. Great summary of learning (even with those pics of Brad ;-)) I always am in awe of the amazing work that learning resource teachers do with and for students. You mention a couple of my favourite tools with Formative and Minecraft (if you ever have questions on either don’t hesitate to reach out … maybe we could do a Minecraft project down the road). Love the student interviews really brings into focus why we take these class and try to get better … for the kiddos. Great looking crew you have their … best of luck and enjoy the time with your family.


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