A Brief Introduction…

My name is Jocelyn Wigmore and I am a student support teacher in Prairie South School Division. This is my 11th year of teaching but I am currently just starting my second maternity leave. I have been a student support teacher for 6 years and I really do enjoy it. I completed my inclusive education certificate and I am now working on completing my masters in curriculum and instruction. I have absolutely enjoyed the journey so far, especially the courses I have taken with Alec. You really do come out of them with a wealth of knowledge! My time these days seems to be spent juggling my masters and keeping these little humans entertained!

Goal number one is create a collection of tools that we can use to further my teaching using technology. I feel like in the past two courses ( EC&I 830 and EC&I 833) I have expanded my knowledge of what tools are out there. Some I have already started to play around with a bit so that when I go back into the classroom I am ready to apply them to my teaching right away. For example, goformative is one tool I am super excited to try. Since I am not in the classroom right now, I made a trivia for my family to play over zoom during the Christmas holidays. They submitted their answers using goformative and it was such a positive experience! This is a prime example of one thing I was able to pull from my previous course that was shared during a group presentation. There is so much value in learning from one another in these courses!

Goal number two is to use Twitter more often. I created an account (This is me) way back in my undergrad I believe it was. I have barely used it up until now. Our school has an account that we are encouraged to use so I tend to use that occasionally instead of my own personal account. After taking two other courses with Alec, I have started to follow more people and have been exposed to some really neat resources. I hope to dive into the Twitter world a little bit more. I want to find some more interesting people to follow and try and share them with the rest of you. I am more than happy to hear any suggestions you all have. Share with me some of your favourites!

Goal number three is to use the major project in this class to really set up some great learning opportunities for my students. I do find some of the previous tools and conversations surrounding technology in the classroom has been more fitting for a whole classroom setting. Of course, those ideas can be adapted to suit a smaller group setting and they can work with my students but I want to make sure I am utilizing that to its full potential! I tend to do a lot of small group reading support (LLI) and the occasional math support. Before I went on maternity leave I was working with a teacher and a supply some in class support so I know that I could create something that we could both use together. When I think about the school I teach at, I know that I will need to find a way to create lessons that can be blended with both online and offline use. A majority of the students I work with do not have a computer or even internet access at home. We are fortunate to have class sets of chromebooks in our school but if I was to use this lesson beyond those four walls I would face some major challenges. Therefore, when creating this lesson I will need to make sure it is something that can be done offline too!

I am really excited to be taking this course and I cannot wait to see what we learn over the next few months! I do know that we have a wealth of knowledge coming from Alec but also from each and everyone in this class. It is going to be a great semester!

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