Summary of Learning…Anchorman Style

Well my final summary of learning has come and it was a blast to do. Durston and I put our heads together and talked about the take-aways we had from this course. We had a little fun doing it too. Hope you enjoy. Special thanks to Chris and Gillian for the added content and to the other classmates we touch on in our video. We also had ED Tech alumni Brad Raes make an appearance. It was so fun following everyone else’s journey on their major learning projects. So many neat ideas and growth happened over the course of the semester!

3 thoughts on “Summary of Learning…Anchorman Style

  1. Okay….. this was so great! Thanks so much for sharing this. I giggled like a middle school student the entire time. Not only were you two able to connect to people in the course, their blogs, and projects, you did a great job summarizing the course and the main ideas. This deserves to be on the Great One’s list for sure! I think I may watch it again… is that weird? Maybe… but boy is it great!


  2. l love that to incorporated your major learning project into this video!! So great! This was so fun to watch and truly captured what it means to be a part of this learning community that shares our own ideas, and others, in a fun and creative way! Well done!!


  3. This video was hilarious! I loved how you included content from our peers in the video! Always feels great to get a shout out haha. Very well put together, and your renovation looks great! Looking forward to working with this team in the future!


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