Summary of Learning…Anchorman Style

Well my final summary of learning has come and it was a blast to do. Durston and I put our heads together and talked about the take-aways we had from this course. We had a little fun doing it too. Hope you enjoy. Special thanks to Chris and Gillian for the added content and to the other classmates we touch on in our video. We also had ED Tech alumni Brad Raes make an appearance. It was so fun following everyone else’s journey on their major learning projects. So many neat ideas and growth happened over the course of the semester!

Summary of EC&I 834

This post was written by Jocelyn and Miranda in a group effort!

It seems so crazy that we have already reached the end of this course. It seems like we just got started learning about online and blended learning. The contents of this course have never been as relevant as they are now with so many school divisions moving to online learning as we navigate through this pandemic.

This video we created using WeVideo, sums up the four main ideas that we took from this course. The first being the use of Large Management Systems, the second being blended learning and what that looks like, third how we can create student engagement through online learning and finally all the tools we have access to in order to make online learning happen.

Throughout our summary we make sure to highlight some of the amazing work done by our classmates. We found everyone had so much to bring to the table that we had a hard time only picking a few courses and blog posts to highlight. We gave shout outs to Jennifer, Catherine, Amanda, Riley, Tessa, Trevor, Christina and Curtis N.! And thank you to the rest of the class for contributing to our learning experience also.

We hope you take the time to watch our little video of two very different perspectives of online and blended learning!

Jocelyn and Miranda

Summary of Learning

I really enjoyed sitting down and reflecting on all we learned this semester. It was a busy one for me as we added a new addition to our family but it was all worth it. So much to take with me when I enter back into the classroom next fall. I hope you enjoy my summary of learning video… it turned out longer than I planned so if you make it to the end… Thank you! Best of luck to all my classmates that are ending their masters journeys here! Congratulations and best of luck!

Summary of Learning

I cannot believe this class has already come to a close. It has been such a great experience and I have learned so much. Each debate challenged me to think about the way I use technology in my classroom. Daina guided me through the process of creating my blog and creating videos for our debate and for our summary of learning. Combining with her was the perfect way to summarize EC&I 830. Sharing ideas back and forth really got me thinking and allowed me to challenge my own teaching and growth. Mashing this video together for my first time on weVideo was a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy our Summary of Learning!